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Makena Kraus - A Successful Summer of Golf

Makena Kraus - Age 14 - From Mahopac, NY has been a student of mine for the past 3 years and has become one of the best Junior Golfers around the Hudson Valley. He has proven that hard work equals success when it comes to golf. We have worked on all aspects of his game with a strong emphasis on the mental game as it pertains to tournament golf. I am so proud of Makena and this is why he is my student of the summer. Makena has built quite an impressive resume and will be starting the 9th grade this fall. I am sure his successes will continue to grow throughout his career and I look forward to helping him for many years to come!

Makena - "I love working with Coach Woods, he’s committed to helping me achieve my goals, whether I am rebuilding my swing or just tuning things up before a competition. He’s also helped me mentally prepare for the rigors of tournament golf, drawing on his own competitive experience. The best part, he doesn’t want me to change my swing to match some ideal, he wants to help me use what I have to be the best player I can be. After working with Coach Woods, I’m shooting tournament scores in the 60’s, and breaking personal records. Coach Woods is easy for me to follow and work with, he explains what I need to do in easily understandable ways with examples, and he’s patient if I don’t immediately understand. Plus, he makes learning new skills fun. Whether you play golf for fun on the weekends or competitively like I do, Coach Woods will help you become the best player you can be."

  • Metropolitan Junior PGA Champion

  • 5 time MetPGA tour winner

  • Named All League - Section One Dutchess/Putnam/Rockland/Westchester

  • TGA Golf Overall Tour Champion

  • 6 time US Kids Golf winner

  • 7 time TGA tour winner

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