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I am currently an assistant professor of finance at the Fairfield University in Connecticut. Before I moved to Connecticut, I used to teach at the Monmouth University in NJ. My formal colleague, Daniel He who took advanced golf lessons from Jim Woods, highly recommended me to improve my game and learn a better golf from Jim. This summer, my wife and I took 12 golf lessons from Jim Woods and we have improved our golf skills significantly ever since. We all had a wonderful time with Jim Woods this summer. Jim Woods is very patient and nice to us. He is very professional in terms of dress, manners, and language. He was always there before we arrived and taught us how to relax and warm up before hitting the balls. He organized the golf classes so well that we didn’t learn too many things in one time. Since we took one class per week, we feel that we always have enough time to practice and focus on one drill at a time. Jim taught us golfing step by step from short games to long games and finally reviewed all previous key points at the very end. He also tailored the lessons based on our different demands and backgrounds. For instance, my wife is a beginner while I am a little bit more advanced. Jim didn’t teach us the same materials even though we are learning the same concept. Following Jim’s Other than good teaching skills, Jim also takes advantage of modern technologies. For instance, Jim used high speed camera to shot videos of my swings. In addition, he used the Swing Viewer software to compare my swing to other professional players’ swings. He taught me how to use golf swing apps in my iphone. I think these technologies help me improve my game more efficiently. In summary, Jim Woods is an outstanding golf instructor who is making significant contributions to the golf community. I am confident that he has made, and will continue to make, significant contributions in teaching golf to a degree that places him among the best PGA instructor in the golf field in the U.S.-Ying, Ph.D.


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