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Lower Scores Equals More Fun

I am writing as a testimonial to my experience with Jim Woods, with whom I had golf lessons the last few months. I was a 15 handicap player and completely lost my swing in the early spring. Following a good advice, I sought help from a PGA professional, and had chosen Jim Woods to give me the help I need. It was one of the good decisions I had made, as my lessons with him had given an understanding of the elements of the golf swing. His sharp eyes saw the parts in my swing that I had no knowledge of and he explained it to me in a way that would help me understand my swing and myself better. Truly, he is a true teacher. I had improved in my game and was able to bring my handicap to 13.8 . But more importantly, he restored in me the joy of playing this game. He had instilled in me the meaning of “for the love of the game”-Justil

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