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Ladies Golf Classes

I had the fortune to be introduced to someone I consider a master golf teacher in 2011. Jim led me in a 5 week beginner and 5 week intermediate course. What I thoroughly enjoyed about learning from Jim is the following:

  • His attitudeJim is down to earth and brings a positive attitude to his teaching. I didn’t feel stupid asking any question and I felt 110% comfortable in where my ability was right no. He does not make his student feel any sense of embarrassment.

  • His patienceI am sure he has heard it all before! Jim always smiled, answered the question. And he would talk in a steady slow manner which must be so hard when he is so knowledgeable.

  • His love of the game

How did I see this? By showing his professionalism and teaching us the etiquette of this prestigious game!

  • His listening skillse.g. He stopped, looked us in the eye, listened to our comments and then showed us and studied us and then set us off to practice, practice!

  • His communicationHe did this ever verbally or by showing us what he was explaining. Sometimes it takes more than one way to communicate!

  • His creativityHe took the time to take videos of our swings and then we got to see Jim’s and Ernie Els swing – Quite a difference!

Jim told us at the beginning to focus on our good shots, forget the bad ones and to above all else ENJOY the game. Thanks to Jim I am excited about golf and am pleased to be part of this wonderful and frustrating game! I whole heartedly recommend him as a golf teacher.- Liz

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