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High School Preparation

I took lessons with Jim in early 2011 to get ready for the upcoming high school golf season. I had been referred to him by one of the other players on my team who knew I was looking for a coach to get ready for my senior season. I went to Jim as a very inconsistent golfer looking for what all golfers want: consistency. After my lessons with Jim, I could say that I am now happy with the consistency in my golf game. My high school coach even took notice of my improvements telling me at the end of the season that last year he was a little nervous when I went out on the course, but this year he knew what he was getting out of me. The way that Jim really helped me was taking me back to the basics. For the first couple of weeks I was with him, all we did was work on my grip, stance, and address position. Before I went to Jim, I was always fiddling with my grip and set-up mid round because I was never truly confident I had it right. But after I went to Jim and he showed me the correct grip and set-up position and also gave me some quick tips on how to get into the correct set-up position, I no longer even think about those things when I’m on the course because I’m confident I am in the correct position. I really liked how Jim utilized all of the new technology out there to show me my swing and some pro’s swings in order to visualize what I am doing and what I should be doing. But the one thing about Jim that can’t be said about everyone is how approachable he was and how easy it was to ask him questions. I think it helped me learn better because I felt comfortable asking questions and learning from him. I would recommend Jim Woods to any golfer of any skill level looking to improve their game and their knowledge of the game.-Anthony


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