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High School Girls Team

I have been practicing the past 20 years, trying to improve my game as well as teaching my three children. My daughter Jessica is 16 years old, and is involved with the High School Golf team. I was interested in placing her with a professional that would be a good fit for her game, as well as her personality. I decided that Jim would be the one to take her to the next level in her game. Jim is a true professional and has a great understanding of golf and the ability to teach with patience. That is important while trying to capture the attention of a teenage girl, who sometimes would rather be out with her friends instead of practicing her chipping stroke! Before he starts a lesson with Jessica, he listens very well to any concerns that she or I may have regarding her practice since the last lesson. He makes the lessons interesting by using the technology to encourage her. Jim offers a program that videotapes Jessica’s swing and immediately after she finishes, she is able to view it on a screen in front of her. This is a valuable tool that allows her to actually see where she went wrong, and to try again. This visual learning is much better than just hearing what she did wrong. She then repeats the swing until it looks perfect and she walks away feeling confident. She always looks forward to her lessons and has grown through her experience. Booking a lesson with Jim is effortless.-Craig & Jessica


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