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Club Champion Finalist

Earlier in the summer I was struggling with my golf game. Golf; the game I once enjoyed and looked forward to playing, had become very trying and I enjoyed playing less with every challenging round. One of my friends told me about Jim Woods, and said Jim was probably someone who could not only improve my (at the time) current slump, but provide me with lasting guidance that would change not only my golf swing, but the way I approached playing the game. So I went to meet Jim and began taking golf lessons under his guidance. All I can say is that from the very first minutes of my lessons with Jim, throughout the entire experience, I knew Jim was truly interested in making me a better player. He not only helped me implement much better swing mechanics, but he took the time to explain alignment, set-up, ball position, and swing path in a way that was easy to understand, and for the average golfer like myself, easy to put into operation while both playing and practicing. Oh, and something else very important to note, Jim teaches his students “how to practice”, from set-up, right through completing the golf swing. That’s very important because once you can execute productive practice sessions on your own, it fosters a much more relaxed frame of mind when you go out and play. I’ve been searching for a golf teacher that I can have a long-term relationship with; and I have found that in Jim. His teaching sessions have improved my game; and for me, brought excitement and enjoyment back into the game. One lesson was particularly valuable; Jim gave me some excellent guidance on how to play in competition. As we talked, he drew from his experience as a touring professional and took me through the steps required to prepare for competition, how to “slow down”, and how to stay “in the moment” during play. I guess the best testament to the value of Jim’s competition play guidance, and his dedication to making his students better players; is that this Saturday, I’m playing in the final round of the club championship in my flight at my country club; you can’t get much better than that!!-Tony

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