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Beginner Golfer

I just began playing golf a couple of months ago. Based on recommendations I found online, I decided to take lessons with Jim Woods. I was impressed by the reviews I had read, and by what I read on the website. My initial impression was that Jim Woods had a well-rounded program, reaching out to their clientele on many levels. Last week I began the Adult Intermediate group program, which is being taught by Jim Woods. Although we’ve only had one session, I learned more in that hour and a half than I have in all the other lessons I’ve taken. As a beginner, I appreciate that Jim begins from the ground and works his way up. He began the group lesson by providing us with a clear outline of what we would be covering during the session. There is a strong emphasis on building a strong foundation, which I know is a sound basis for learning any new skill. I appreciate that the class size is kept small, as he was able to spend time with each of us, providing detailed and clear guidelines and instruction. When there was a question or issue that arose where the explanation would benefit the group, Jim explained to all of us, demonstrating both the incorrect and correct way to hit. It’s rather inspirational to see his skill in action (although I am smart enough to accept it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever be that good!). Jim provided us with a number of drills to practice during the week, correctly pointing out the need to practice on our own in order to see improvement. Additionally, he gave us individual “assignments”, geared to our particular weaknesses. I am working on what he suggested, and know that I will see improvement each week. There were various training aids used, which supported what Jim discussed with us. On the way home, we stopped at Home Depot and purchased dowels to use in our practice sessions at home, as well as “almost golf” balls and a mat to work with in the back yard. I’m really looking forward to the video session this weekend, allowing me to see exactly what I’m doing. I never realized I wasn’t standing square until Jim showed took the time to work with me and showed me an exercise to work on squaring up my shoulders. It’s amazing how much there is to learn! I’m also impressed by the website – I like the articles posted for me to read, which reinforce what I learned in class. I hope that this continues to be expanded – as an IT person, I know the power of the Internet, and feel that this can be a very effective way of disseminating knowledge. I very much look forward to the rest of this class, and intend to continue with additional lessons when I complete this course. I consider myself very lucky to have found Jim Woods.-Anahid

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