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Junior Golf

For the last two years we have watched Jim Woods instruct our eleven-year-old son, Tyler, with enthusiasm, professionalism, and a passion for teaching. He possesses a wonderful rapport with golfers of all ages and has an outstanding ability to connect with his students. I hold Jim Woods and his instructional skills in high regard and I am certain his knowledge and teaching techniques have made my son a better golfer. Under Jim’s instruction, Tyler is currently in contention for Player of the Year (US Kids Golf Philadelphia tour) and recently played in the US Kids World Cup Championship in Pinehurst. Jim has provided superb golf instruction and been by his side every step of the way. Being a skilled instructor is great; however being a great mentor is superb. My son is always eager to share the details of his tournament play with Jim. One day while discussing a round, Tyler mentioned his putting seemed a little off and he’d like to work on it during his next lesson. Not only did Jim Woods offer words of encouragement about his putting, he also told Tyler his next lesson was complimentary and they’d work on it together. I believe that goes above and beyond teaching and simply shows genuine interest and support for your student. As a parent of a junior golfer, it is so refreshing to find an instructor that not only welcomes, but embraces young golfers. Because of Jim’s passion and love of the game he continually offer programs for golfers of all ages promoting a thriving learning environment.-Steve

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