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Ladies Only Intermediate Golf Class

These classes are specifically designed for intermediate golfers and open ladies only.  An intermediate golfer is classified by one or more of the following:  Someone who…

  • Has taken the beginner course and is looking to continue their progress

  • Shoots under 55 for nine holes

  • Has played on a course at least 5 times

  • Has been to a driving range with success and wants to get to the next level

  • Specialty shots around the green to save you strokes


Classes will run three consecutive weeks for 60 minutes per class.  Cost is $100 per session & range balls are included. Please bring the clubs listed each week or you may borrow ours if you don’t have them. Minimum participation is 4 students with a maximum of 8 per class.  Students should dress for the weather and wear sneakers or golf shoes (Please no denim, t-shirts, tank tops, or gym shorts)


What Topics are Covered?
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Week 1

Please bring a putter & short iron (8, 9, PW, SW) and meet on the putting green to focus on:

  • Proper technique for different putting & chipping styles and strokes

  • Rhythm and tempo for the short-game a good pace is everything

  • Green reading and distance control for putting & chipping

  • Lob shot basics and choosing the right shot around the green

Week 2

Please bring a short iron (8, 9, PW) and a mid-iron (5, 6, 7) and meet on the driving range to focus on:

  • Proper technique for short pitch shots and full approach shots

  • Setup and posture to create a swing that is on plane for the club you are using

  • Balance and foot work, how sequencing them can add more power & accuracy

  • Creating a pre-shot routine to become more consistent

  • Distance control and choosing the right shot to play inside 100 yards

Week 3

Please bring a hybrid, fairway wood and driver and meet on the driving range to focus on:

  • Setup & swing techniques for long clubs

  • Choosing the right club to hit off the tee for position

  • How to create real power combined with accuracy off the tee

  • Finding a tempo that maximizes your swing for effortless power

  • How to think your way around the course to lower scores

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