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High School & Middle School Golf Programs

Golf offers many great opportunities in life and now is a great time to begin thinking about your future. 

These classes are specifically designed for middle school and high school students and are open to someone who…

  • Has limited golf experience or has never played golf before

  • Wants to make the high school team but needs to improve on all areas of their game

  • Shoots higher than 45 for nine holes

  • Has gone to the driving range once or twice and is interested to learn more

  • Has tried golf before but would like to learn more about the game, etiquette, rules, and course conduct


These classes offer a solid foundation to become a better golfer at any level.  Students will study a different topic each week and then play on the course after instruction.  These classes will be held after school during the fall season and are great for any level golfer.  These classes will be held on Tuesdays after school from 3:00-5:00. The cost is $60 for 6 hours of class, which includes instruction, range balls, and course fees. Please make sure your child has the following to insure their success and enjoyment: a full set of golf clubs, sneakers or golf shoes, water bottle, snack if needed, loose clothing, golf slacks, and a golf shirt or jacket for the weather . (Please No denim, t-shirts, tank tops, or gym shorts)


Topics Covered
Week 1 
  • What is golf and why should I play

  • What clubs and equipment will I need and why do I need them

  • Golf course conduct, basic etiquette, rules, scoring & golf lingo

  • Understanding the fundamentals that apply to ALL golf shots

  • Proper setup & technique for putting & chipping

  • How to practice and create good habits for your success

Week 2
  • Choosing a target and how to aim the club and body there

  • Setting up for success for pitching and half swings

  • Gripping the club properly and understanding why it is so important

  • Ball position and how it relates to what club you are using

  • Proper setup & technique for half swings and pitch shots

  • Controlling distance and direction of the ball

Week 3
  • Setting up for success for the full swing with a mid-iron

  • Understanding posture and balance to get more power

  • Applying ball position to different clubs

  • Swing positions and how to practice them

  • Generating power and where it comes from

  • Understanding  how to control distance & direction

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