Repairs & Fittings

Having your clubs setup properly is very important.  Getting fit is a fraction of what clubs cost today.  We provide a number of services to help you get your set in tune with your game.


(Costs of services are largly dependant on the job and quality material you select)  



Assorted Shafts

$15 - $300

Assorted Grips

$7 -$20

Assorted Putter Grips

$15- $50

Grip Instalation


Shorten Club


Lengthen Club


Reshaft or Reset Head


Reshaft Bore Through


Putter Bend & Fitting


Iron Bend & Fitting


Launch Monitor Session.


Frequency & Spec Club Set


Re-Spike Shoes


Swing Weight

All Other Repairs

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We use the same equipment found in Todays PGA Tour Vans to insure the finest quality and accuracy for your game!  

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